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Conaniah Designs,LLC

Where the Bride is the Designer.
Fancy a red carpet gown, or a designer look for your perfect wedding? Maybe you would prefer another color, at a more reasonable price? Do not let that perfect wedding gown pass you by.
At Conaniah Designs, we create wedding dresses of your dreams.  Let us customize any haute couture or red carpet gown, fit to your style. We can incorporate any detail, from any garment, to create an exclusive design for your perfect wedding day look. We custom make your unique wedding gown with all of your specifications, to fit your budget.
Bling, haute couture, or simple elegance, we can create any look your wish, all within your budget.  Tell us how much you wish to spend, and we will get to work. Your dream wedding dress awaits. We will take care of every detail. Our gowns are all made with 100%, highest quality available silk. 
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